Image of Homestead Wrap Package

Homestead Wrap Package

$25.00 — Sold out

Handmade on our small farm in Brookhaven, MS, our beeswax wraps are a reusable, washable, and sustainable alternative to traditional plastic wrap. Our wraps are carefully crafted using only local Mississippi beeswax, 100% pure organic jojoba oil, and pine resin. Use these flexible and slightly adhesive wraps to cover leftovers, cheeses, beverages, produce, etc.

There are two package options.

The large, and most popular Homestead Wrap Package, includes:
-2 Small Wraps - 7x7
-1 Medium Wrap - 10x10
-1 Large Wrap - 14x14

The small package includes:
-2 Small Wraps - 7x7
-1 Medium Wrap - 10x10

*Fabric pattern is subject to change*
*Sizes are approximate*

Image of Homestead Wrap
Homestead Wrap
$5.00 — Sold out
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