About Us

Hey everyone! Jordan & Katie Heathcock here. We just moved to our dream spot.12 beautiful acres in Brookhaven, MS. I’m a full time chicken, goat, pig, dog, kitty, and plant mammy! 9 animals and counting! I enjoy singing with my Pops at local juke joints, getting my hands dirty in the garden, cooking, yoga, a well crafted cup of coffee, and riding on the back of our beautiful shovelhead scoot, Mississippi Queen. Which by the way, Jordan built. He’s the doer, builder, maker, and creative wiz behind all the beautiful bikes that roll out of Slop Shop. When he’s not knuckles deep in a motor, you can catch him being Mr. Fixer around our homestead. Oh yeah, did I mention we LOVE vintage items?! Harley stuff, astrology, 60/70 era stuff, anything weird that catches our eye really. We love things that tell a story, and we hope that you can play a part in helping us write ours. We have big dreams to turn our beautiful acreage into a sustainable homestead. Together, we are diving head first into creating our homestead through careful planning and building of pastureland, a barn, farmland, and, of course, our new home. In order to help us create this lifestyle for our family and to provide sustainable resources and produce for our family and friends, we need help! You can help us write our story and support us by purchasing our handmade items crafted here on the farm.

Catch us scootin around backroads and drinking beers at the creek! Cheers, friends.